July 1, 2022

Dear Valued Customer,

We're excited to announce the acquisition of Electrotek Corporation effective July 1, 2022.

Electrotek Corporation located in Oak Creek, Wisconsin will formally transition to the Sierra family and will become Sierra Electrotek, LLC.

About Sierra Circuits, Inc.

Since it foundation in 1986 in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, Sierra Circuits has been constantly reinventing itself while pushing the envelope to help revolutionize the PCB industry. As a family-owned business, the idea of establishing quicker cycle times was born out of the existing industry inefficiencies.

As an industry leader specializing in quick turn PCBs and medium production runs, Sierra Circuits’ primary focus is delivering the highest quality product in the shortest amount of time. What makes this possible is that we are the actual manufacturer and assembler of PCBs. By owning our manufacturing and assembly facilities, we control every aspect of the production schedule, from design and engineering support, fabrication, component procurement to board assembly and testing.

Above all, Sierra Circuits’ creed is to provide customers with resources, knowledge and the highest quality circuit boards the industry has to offer.

Sierra Circuits, Inc., intends to build on Electrotek’s 50 years of service to the industry and convert this location to Sierra’s premier, state of the art, highly automated printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing facility supplying high reliability manufacturing of electronic products to support Medical, Industrial, Aerospace, Defense and Microelectronics.

The decision to acquire Electrotek is a direct response to our customers’ increasing needs and concerns about supply chain resiliency, regional diversification, and in particular, the need for advanced multi-layer PCB sourcing to support critical high reliability program opportunities.

The acquisition of Electrotek will assist in our expansion and growth plans into medium volume manufacturing for HDI, Flex, Rigid-flex and Microelectronics at sub-50-micron technologies within the U.S.

This transition is the logical next step to our growth plan to support our already very successful design, quick turn proto and outsourcing services.

The facility, located in Oak Creek Wisconsin has a very well-known 50-year history within the electronics industry operating from a stand-alone 55,000 square foot building centralized within the U.S. “As many of our customers have been more focused on the reliability of their supply chains, we are excited to announce the Sierra Electrotek acquisition and welcome the entire Electrotek team to the Sierra family of companies. Not only will this facility provide a new opportunity for growth, Sierra Circuits will be regionally more diversified, providing more long-term stability, and further improving our position to serve the needs of all stakeholders – customers, suppliers, and employees.”

We expect to increase our total capital spend to support the Sierra Electrotek expansion, expect Sierra Electrotek to become one of the most premier “go-to” facilities in the industry.

We have already received a number of long-term customer commitments as we work to realize our mutual ambition for supply chain resiliency, expansion and diversification to become one of the true premier turnkey suppliers offering, Design, ProtoExpress, Internet Web Supply, Assembly, Components, Volume Manufacturing and Outsourcing.


Kindest Regards,

Steve Dutton
Vice President
Sierra Electrotek
7745 S 10th Street
Oak Creek, Wi 53154
Mobile: 602-721-6221
Email: StevenD@protoexpress.com
Design at the speed of thought, Quick Turns at the speed of need

Why Electrotek?

A growing number of EMS and OEM manufacturers in the US today often times find a growing need for the right PCB supplier. On the one hand there are a handful of large suppliers that lack the interest to properly service their customer's needs and on in the other, an abundance of small vendors that simply lack the technical capabilities and experience to fulfill those needs.

Electrotek, operating as a manufacturer since 1968 we are of the appropriate size, have the technical experience, and company culture that allow us to deliver the unique solution you need.  Our commitment to quality, reliability and a true partnership will provide a highly reliable, quality product and service experience expected in the industry.

Electrotek proudly serves the following major markets:

  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Communications
  • Industrial Controls